Greetings Thamer & Azhara!

I'd like to take you on a journey through my mind during the last few days :)

After our meeting on Thursday I had a pretty good idea about what to create for your Brand. A young, modern, cheerful and classy logo focusing on what it means to travel and study abroad based on an illustration you guys had, which focused on landscapes. 

Based on that, I chose a good font and a color palette that would bring these adjectives to your brand's personality. 

And so I went to my drawing board and came up with this:

K2 Logo 1.png

Some variations to solidify and expand the brand:

Asset 2.png
Asset 3.png

I also wanted to borrow the idea from Global Student Center and create specific art for each country you are going to target, which led me to create these examples:

Asset 4.png
Asset 5.png

Honestly, although I feel this is a strong brand that checks all the boxes, my second idea is by far my favorite. 

Sometimes when you are creating something, you have that click and everything just starts to flow and you go even further on the development process and I feel like it happened and now we have a full brand that is ready to use :)

So for the remaining of this presentation I'll use all the brand elements so you guys can have a full picture of how it will work on your website and business.  

K2 Study Abroad Brand Proposal nº 2

"The Passport Stamp"

While thinking about which visual representation element could be perfect to express what it means to travel and study abroad I thought about the passport stamp and how prideful travelers are of their filled passports with evidence of their journeys.

And so I went to my drawing board and came up with this:

Asset 6.png

Considering that most of the target countries have blue, red, and white in their flags, I opted for a variation of those colors to match the young, cheerful and classy requirements.

Pairing these color to this bold and modern font creates a unique brand with great personality, identity and longevity.

In here you can also see how we can use maps as backgrounds to create texture and class to the brand.

Asset 7.png
Asset 8.png

This point is where, in my opinion, the brand really shines! The idea comes together when we think of each country with its stamp. And to add to the idea, both travelers and students rejoice with the word approved, right? 

This brand also allows us to play around and create different variations with the same idea, which solidifies the identity:

Logo Option.png
Asset 16.png
Asset 18.png
Asset 19.png

What do you guys think? I hope you enjoy this process as much as I did! 

See you tomorrow!